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“Madiba Effect” Draws Travelers to South Africa to Walk in Mandela’s Footsteps

One of the most universally recognizable leaders of our time, former South African President Nelson Mandela has continued to make headlines over a month after his passing. The anti-apartheid activist who became one of the world’s most respected politicians also…

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Planet, People, Peace: International Sustainable Tourism Leaders Gather in Costa Rica

Costa Rica – for many of us, just the name brings forth mental images of green rainforests, cloud-shrouded volcanos and, of course, beaches. Costa Rica has successfully branded itself as a sustainable tourism destination for many years, so its wildlife…

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The Plight of the Polar Bear

Two-thirds of the world’s polar bears could be gone by 2050, with the remaining third extinct by the end of the century, if current trends continue.
The International Forum of the Conservation of Polar Bears is meeting in Moscow this…

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In the Aftermath of Typhoon Haiyan, Tourism and Volunteerism Lend a Hand

Typhoon Haiyan, or Yolanda as the locals call it in the Philippines, is the worst storm to hit the island nation in recorded history. The latest official death toll is at over 5,600, with more than 1,700 additional people missing…

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Do Backpackers Leave More Than Footprints?

Many backpackers are well intentioned when setting out for beckoning distant lands that perhaps they’ve only read about in guidebooks or heard about from friends who’ve made the journey themselves. As these travelers arrive on foreign soil, they boost the…

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Cry of the Koala: Australia’s Beloved Icon Under Threat

One of Australia’s iconic creatures, the koala is beloved around the world, yet if current trends continue, a day may come when this cuddly marsupial may be no more than a memory. The koala is facing extreme threat from habitat…

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Evaluating Responsible Tour Companies

Editor’s note: This article was originally published by our friends at Sustainable Travel International in the Travel Green section of their Responsible Travel Report. It is reproduced here with permission.
A good way to evaluate a tour company’s commitment to…

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History Bulldozed for Progress

Just days after a 1,200 year royal tomb was unearthed in Peru, a nearby pyramid that stood for thousands of years was torn down by property developers.
It is one of just many historical monuments that have been irreparably destroyed…

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Cultural Tourism on South Dakota’s Native American Reservations

The reservations of South Dakota’s nine Native American tribes have consistently been among the poorest areas in the United States, suffering the detrimental effects of rights abuses, loss of traditional land, discrimination and harmful federal policies, both in the past…

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The High Cost of Sports: The Brazilian Protests and the Problems with Mega-Events

As Brazil prepares to host the 2014 World Cup and 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, there are a number of pitfalls the government must avoid in order to have not only successful tournaments but also a prosperous country…

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